Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After Hours Clinic

The proliferation of urgent care and walk in medical facilities has been an undeniable boost to a portion of the population that would have sooner skipped treatment altogether than make a doctor's appointment or go to the ER. These facilities are easy to use, don't require an appointment, and are often much more affordable than either specialist appointments or a trip the emergency room. That said, many of them are only open during regular business hours. This means that those who need to see a doctor at 6:00 PM still have to go to the ER. If you have an after hours clinic near you, however, you might have an alternative.
Not everyone has a flexible work schedule. In fact, most people in the blue-collar world have very little chance of getting off work to go to the doctor. If it is an emergency, then perhaps. But for a cold? A slightly sprained ankle? These kinds of things are fodder for an overbearing employer to tell you to tough it out and see the doctor on your own time. This is unfortunate, but too many people are a single missed paycheck away from being in dire financial straits. This is where an after hours clinic can be unbelievably helpful. Not only are the prices reasonable, but they are also open during times when it is convenient for working individuals to get care.
When you combine extraordinarily early start times and after school activities, sports, and even detention, kids today spend a lot of time in school. While any parent has the right to take his or her child out of school to see the doctor, this can create problems in some circumstances. What if your child has to miss an important test? What if missing that day's football practice will mean riding the bench for next week's game? School is of paramount importance in a child's life, no matter how old he or she is. Why not take advantage of an after hours clinic, get your child the care he or she needs, and prevent him or her from missing any work in one fell swoop?
All Around Convenience
Sometimes it isn't work, school, or anything else keeping you from seeing the doctor, but simply the timing of your injury. You break your hand as the sun starts fading in the west, and you have no choice but to spend endless hours in the emergency room. But if you have an after hours clinic near you, you can skip the ER and get excellent treatment in a fraction of the time.

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